Sustainable Management of Events in a Experiential Perspective

di Gian Luca Gregori, Tonino Pencarelli, Valerio Temperini, Simone Splendiani and Fabio Forlani

in The Experience Logic as a New Perspective for Marketing Management (Pencarelli T., Forlani F., Eds) Springer, 2018


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Enhancing the Tourism Image of Italian Regions Through Urban Events: The Case of Steve McCurry’s Sensational Umbria Exhibition

by Luca Ferrucci, Silvia Sarti, Simone Splendiani and Maria Cordente Rodriguez

in Tourism in the City. Towards an Integrative Agenda on Urban Tourism, Nicola Bellini, Cecilia Pasquinelli (Eds) Springer International Publishing, 2017


The study analyses the case of the Sensational Umbria photography exhibition by Steve McCurry, held in Perugia in 2014. The event proved to be of particular interest, not only for its success in terms of visitors number and impact on the media, but in particular for the innovative use of a photo exhibition for the purpose of promoting tourism in the region. The paper, after a theoretical introduction on the relationship between tourism events and destination image, offers an analysis of the event from different perspectives: economic impact, visitor satisfaction, and effect on the media. The methodology has been twofold, involving both desk analysis and a survey conducted by administering a questionnaire to 455 visitors. The results that emerge illustrate a situation that, while generally positive, leaves margins for improvement, especially in terms of greater involvement by local stakeholders.