Quality and Value in University Sciences: the experience of the placement service at the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”

by Tonino Pencarelli, Daniela Cini and Simone Splendiani

International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences, Vol.5, Issue 2/2013.

The paper is a new version of that presented at 12th International QMOD and Toulon-Verona Conference on Quality and Service Sciences (ICQSS), Verona (Italy), August 27-29, 2009


Purpose – The purpose of this paper is twofold: on the one hand, to point out the concepts of quality and value; on the other hand to explain how university placement services can increase the value created for the various stakeholders of a University.
Design/methodology/approach – The methodology is based on empirical study carried out through the analysis of the placement service of the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo” through “participant observation”, related to the experience gained by the authors within the service.
Findings – This study reveals that the placement service at the University of Urbino is innovative in terms of organization and management. The involvement of all actors in design and implementation of the initiatives is a strategic factor, crucial for meeting the expectations of stakeholders, raising levels of quality and satisfaction and, ultimately, the value created.
Originality/value – Although limited to only one placement case – the University of Urbino – the research presents original features regarding the application of service management principles to an institution like the University, which is increasingly directed towards value creation for its
stakeholders. This application appears necessary given that increased competition among universities is based not only on traditional core activities – research and training – but also on the ability to contribute to student employability after the obtainment of a degree.



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