Management and marketing approaches for enhancing the cultural heritage of small Italian museums

by Tonino Pencarelli, Emanuela Conti and Simone Splendiani

Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality, International Conference, Amsterdam, November 26-27, 2015


Purpose – The paper offers some reflections that are prevalently theoretic in the aim of proposing a model for enhancing cultural heritage through museum networks, organizational solutions appropriate for contexts – such as the Italian one – where the majority of the facilities are small in size.

Design/methodology/approach – The study is based on an analysis of the prevalent literature on the management of cultural heritage and the marketing of touristic services, combining the theoretic perspective with the participatory observation undertaken by the authors in active projects for the enhancement of the cultural heritage of the Marche region.

Findings – The study has revealed how museum networks represent  a potentially effective organization and management mode of achieving an enhancement of cultural resources that is capable of creating value for the consumers as well as for the stakeholders in a given territory, thus ensuring the survival of single museums thanks to economies of scale that would not be achievable singly.

Originality/value – Museum networks need systemic governance approaches, along the lines of the viable systems approach, capable of guaranteeing the applicability of the principles of marketing management through the common finalization of territorial stakeholders. Moreover, there also emerges the need for a conceptual – besides managerial –  integration between cultural and tourism enterprises, both of which are involved in setting up and proposing multisensory experiences geared towards increasing the value that is perceived by consumers and, through it, the value for all of the territorial stakeholders.



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